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My Software and Musings Blog
Upload a fileGoes into Sites/Uploads
JournalDatabase for entering and viewing journal entries
My Book LibraryDatabase with books in our home and where they are
Software Documentationworkspaces, utilities, scripts documented
My Wiki
DMEHelp Web SiteShowing use of the Q AI Engine to answer English Questions about Medicare Durable Equipment
Publication ListList of publications
List of local demos
XKCD ComicsReally funny cartoons about nerds and geeks
Family Tree Site
FreeMind Archiver Documentation
PHP Status PHP Managment
Server Speed
MantisThis provides access to the bug tracking system.
BookmarksThis is a series of references to various topics.
Source Code RepositoryThis provides web access to the source code configuration system, CVS
Maintenance ScriptsThis document describes how to determine what has been run, when and how to start and stop scripts
Evil Overlord List
Hackers Dictionary
System Operator From Hell
Redaction Web Service TestThis requires glassfish server to be running.
Design Simple Service-oriented J2EE ApplicationExplains how to use Struts, Sprint, Hibernate, and Axis to create well architected SOA's
Song Lyrics
More Stuff
iCal Demo
RegEx An evaluator for Regular Expressions